Professional Drivers and Cyclists: Can They Be in A Harmonious Street Relationship?

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Professional drivers and cyclists do not have a tight-knit friendship when it comes to being on the road. Drivers are always complaining that cyclists are an annoyance and cause an unnecessary distraction by being where they should not.

Cyclists, on the other hand, are at much higher risk of harm if a collision happens with an SUV or HGV vehicle. They complain that the big cars and their drivers do not leave them any space to ride.

It is safe to assume that both parties have a somewhat reasonable argument. What both can agree upon is the need for safety. For the sake of human lives – their own and their passengers –  a  professional from a driver agency in Nottingham should meet the cyclists halfway to make the roads and highways safer.

What Can Professional Drivers Do?

More than half of the accidents on highways happen because of lack of communication. Automobile manufacturers put in the feature of signals and rear-view mirrors for the same reason. Professional drivers should use them when out driving.

Before pulling away from a spot, it is vital to check all the mirrors and blind spots to notice if there are any approaching cyclists. HGV drivers need to do this even more, as their driver’s seat is at a much higher level than the street, and thus their peripherals do not help much in spotting cyclists.

Using the signals is another must-follow action. If you use the right move before making turns or stopping, it should send the message loud and clear to any cyclist behind you.

What Can Cyclists Do?

Cyclists do not have the luxury to use signals or as many mirrors as drivers do. So, they have to use hand gestures to communicate their movement. The left or right hand extended to the side means you are turning that way. One arm raised vertically above palm facing forward means you are about to stop.

Also, strictly keep an eye out for any signal the drivers use. If they use gestures and you still end up colliding because you didn’t see it, the fault will be on you.

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